The Petroleum and Crude Oil division (P&O) offers a wide range of inspection, control and special services to the industry. Within the country and regionally, CCIC has made and continues to make significant investments to its human resources, infrastructure and laboratory equipment so that experienced and well-trained teams of Inspectors, chemists and technicians provide the highest quality and speed of services relating to quality and quantity determination.

The company’s chief belief is to protect the interests of its principals whenever commodities are traded or distributed. To facilitate and realise this belief, strict procedures are created and implemented to ensure measurement and inspection techniques adopted are designed to reduce losses and prevent contamination. Additionally we provide efficient and cost-effective solutions to complex trade and quality related requirements of our principals.

CCIC Singapore also boasts some of the best talents in the industry who provide consultancy and expertise on blending and additives services thus lowering your risks and maximising profitability.

CCIC’s policy is to foster operational and service excellence. This theme is drilled into every employee so that their sole purpose becomes to meet and exceed customers’ requirements, every time.

To demonstrate its compliance to the highest quality and technical assurance, every CCIC office is certified to ISO 9001:2000 and Laboratories to ISO 17025:2005 standards. Additionally the company, in order to conform to one of its key principles of continual improvement, is vying for accreditation to ISO 17020 standard for its Inspection divisions. This will demonstrate to our customers the high standards of technical expertise we practice and our strict compliance to ethical values.

Detailed services provided by P&O division of CCIC Singapore are:
• Automatic Samplers
• Blending Expertise
• Cargo Treatment (Additives)
• Collateral Management, Warehousing
• Flow measurement and prover calibration
• Oil Condition Monitoring
• Petroleum Products Training
• Blending Training
• Quality testing for crude oil, petroleum, gas and chemicals
• Quantity Inspection
• Sample collection
• Tank Calibration
• Terminal Services


Inspection Services
Petroleum, crude oil and petrochemicals inspection for the determination of quality and quantity
Inspection, weighing, sampling and quality determination of metals, minerals, coal and coke
Quality and quantity inspection of agricultural commodities including FOG and CMA services
Pre-shipment and destination inspection on quality, specification, quantity, weight, packing and marking on general cargoes
Pre-shipment inspection of imported recyclable materials mandated by People’s Republic of China
Cargo Damage Survey
Quantity Survey, Weight Control
Loading/Discharging/Transshipment Supervision
Draft Survey, Volume Survey, Weighing by Scale
Inspection of Stowage and Lashing Survey
Packing Condition Survey
Marking Inspection
On/Off Hire Condition
Bunker Survey
Marine Related Survey
Testing Services
Crude and petroleum products
Metals and minerals
Petrochemicals and chemicals testing
Lubricating oil and used lube oil
Certification & Training (CCIC China)
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, GB/T28001, HACCP, GAP, GMP certification
Agri-product market certification
Product certification, Textile certification, Feed product certification, Organic product certification, IP certification
ISO 9000, ISO 14000, GB/T28000, HACCP National registered auditor, Internal auditor training & SA 8000 standard training services
Follow-up Inspection on behalf of UL, CSA Group, TUV, KEMA, JET and etc.
Value-added Services (CCIC China)
Second Party Audit
Engineering Supervision
Calibration of Apparatus
Advisory’ Services
Disinfection of Cargo & Carrying Vehicles
Presale Testing
Agency Services: Notarization, Inspection Application, Customs Declaration