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Pre-Shipment Inspection of Scrap

In line with this, the following Pre-shipment Inspection services are carried out according to GB 16487 standard

Accredited by China Customs to offer pre-shipment inspection, certification for used electrical/machinery appliance that had customs clearance in China based on the standard of environmental protection and product description

GB 16487 as main scope of business, Environmental protection control standard for import solid wastes as raw materials 1 to 13

1. Waste of bones
2. Smelt slag (Mill Scale)
3. Wood and wood articles waste
4. Waste and scrap of paper or paperboard (Recovered Paper)
5. Waste and scrap of fibres (Textile waste)
6. Waste and scrap of iron and steel (Ferrous scrap)
7. Non-Ferrous scrap
8. Waste electric motors
9. Waste wires and cables
10. Metal and electrical appliance scraps (Mixed Metal Scrap)
11. Vessels and other floating structures for breaking up
12. Waste and scrap of plastics
13. Compressed piece of scrap automobile (Plastic Scrap)

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